The Caravela Concept Powered by Explosive Gas

 - Dec 9, 2008   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Andre Fangueiro has fallen in lock step with all the other eco-car designers and drawn up his version called the “Caravela”. It's based on the Piaggio Ape, a car driven by mostly old Italians. It gets it's power from the explosive hydrogen gas so it's a zero-emission engine that should power the car to 70 kph.

Implications - Concept cars indicate the future of auto design, and it seems that the future will be all about eco-friendly driving. Car industries have taken measures to go green with electric cars and gas-saving vehicles. The industry continues to experiment with various elements to produce safe, compact and cheaper cars that are currently high in demand. Should this hydrogen concept and other eco-friendly concepts come into fruition, the product will benefit both consumers and the environment.