The Peugeot BB1 is Wee, Green and Mean

 - Sep 25, 2009
References: peugeot & psfk
Car makers are consistently leaning towards making their cars smaller and more eco-friendly, and the tiny Peugeot BB1 is no exception to this. In fact, it may become the rule.

Cutting edge indeed, as the Peugeot BB1 is rewriting the playbook on car-making. Measuring just over 8 feet in length, it can seat four people, and is completely electric. And similar to the motorcycles and scooters it was inspired by, the brake and gas controls are mounted on the car's steering handles. And the most cool part is that the motors are located in each of the rear wheels.

Undoubtedly the Peugeot BB1 is the next stage in car manufacturing.