LPG Fueled Smart Car

 - Sep 28, 2007
References: smartlpg & trendhunter
Smart lpg is a London-based company that sells new and used smart cars converted to run on LPG fuel. LPG, the acronym for Liquid or Liquified Petroleum Gas, cuts CO2 emissions by 20%, the methane and NOx emissions by 80% and does not produce any particulate emissions. With LPG costing an average 46p/l, 50 to 100% less Vehicle Excise Duty and exemption from the London Congestion Charge exemption, the smart lpg is the perfect solution for urban motorists who seek a financially sound but environmentally responsible transport option.

There are about 4 million LPG-fuelled vehicles in Europe with 140,000 of these on UK roads. With more than 1400 re-fuelling stations nationwide, the majority of pumps installed on traditional forecourts, the infrastructure is in place to make a smart lpg car a practical choice for many.

The smart fortwo lpg has previously been listed by The Independent as the most environmentally friendly car available, and the Guardian very recently placed it second in their ranking of “Top 10 Green Wheels”: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2007/aug/17/travelandtransport. (Although as it follows the G-Wiz quadricycle, technically it can claim the number 1 car spot!)

How smart is that?!