Mercedes B-Class F-Cell Hydrogen Car is Ready to Roll

 - Sep 2, 2009
References: technologyreview & topgear
Mercedes is launching their brand new green friendly ride. The B-Class F-Cell is the hydrogen-powered version of the city car that has made Mercedes famous.

Sound exciting? Here’s the catch, Mercedes will be producing the hydrogen powered B-Class F-Cell in small batches, and they will only be leased to select customers. But it will be efficient, according to "It will return the equivalent of 87mpg and a range of around 250 miles on the New European Design Cycle (NEDC), and – being a hydrogen fuel-cell car – and emit precisely 0g/km of CO2."

But you will have to find some place to fill you hydrogen powered car up; hydrogen refuelling stations are not readily available just yet, and this bad boy is a Europe only release.