The Panthera by Pipstrel is Eco-Friendly and Sleek

The Panthera by Pipistrel is a compact and sleek aircraft that comfortably seats four passengers. This small plane can jet off to more than 200 knots, and it consumes 41% less gas than any other vehicle of its size. The interior of this small bullet resembles a lavish sports car with its aerodynamic design, touchscreen technology and spacious passenger seats.

This vehicle was first revealed at the Aero Expo in Freidrichshafen, Germany, and it comes in two versions. The first is more earth-friendly because it is an all-electric model, and the other uses a highly efficient gas engine.

This environmentally conscious vehicle doesn't pollute as much as standard gas-guzzling aircrafts, and it is perfect plane for wealthy individuals who want a luxurious experience.