The A-Sign Studio Luxury Yacht Utilizes Resources Responsibly

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: & designbuzz
There's a stigma that the wealthy feel the entitlement to consume resources liberally, but the owner of an asset like the A-Sign Studio Luxury Yacht can feel satisfied with such a self-sustaining leisurely retreat.

This sleek concept superyacht may span 35 meters from bow to stern, boast open plan interiors and all of the splendors that this form of sea travel can offer, but it consumes only what it harnesses responsibly. Up to 62 square meters of solar panels cover the top deck of the hull, powering everything from the boat's air conditioning and electricity to its propulsion through the water with 6kW. Of course, Francesco Struglia's design leaves out no lavish aesthetic detail, offering occupants opulent interiors and panoramic views in the A-Sign Studio Luxury Yacht.

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