The Carmichael Collective Urban Plant Tags

The Carmichael Collective Urban Plant Tags poke fun at our standard sidewalk fixtures. The project re-imagines them as so much more; each static object is given Care Instructions, Size and Placement. These tags draw attention to banal objects in a quirky and humorous light. As humans, we often get lost in the rituals of the everyday. This project awakens us with a welcoming disruption.

Truthfully honest, the urban tags state the obvious as they reappropriate sidewalk signs. For example, the No Parking Sign's Tag reads, "Placement: Wherever parking would be most convenient."

Based out of Minneapolis, MN, the Carmichael Collective is the brainchild of the branding and creative company Carmichael Lynch. They describe this undertaking as "creativity for creativity’s sake." Cheers. Here's to hoping their creative juices never stop flowing, so we can keep smiling.