Cheetos' Project TP Lets Users Virtually Toilet Paper Houses

Cheetos’ ‘Project TP’ virtually allows users to toilet paper houses without any of the mess or consequences.

After visiting the Project TP site, users can enter a street address which is located on Google maps. The target is marked with an ominous black flag bearing a skull and crossbones made of Cheetos. Users have the chance to confirm their target, then sit back and watch as their chosen location is covered in toilet paper.

This is a hilarious way to perform a mischievous prank. To date, Cheetos counts that over 103 million feet of toilet paper have been virtually used to toilet paper houses. It's a harmless and fun way for this brand to drive traffic to its site before kids go trick or treating, especially to promote its new glow-in-the-dark chip bags, which are perfect for Halloween.