Fevicol’s Simple Marketing Campaign Stages Runners Stuck in Pl

 - May 18, 2013
References: creativeguerrillamarketing
Fevicol’s stunt at the 2013 Mumbai Marathon is a simple marketing campaign that proves you don’t need a big budget to generate a lot of attention in a product. 

Fevicol is a well-known brand of glue in India that came up with a funny and clever way to engage with people at one of the world’s largest marathons.

Along one of the sidelines of the race, a group of men wearing white Fevicol-brand t-shirts jogged in place, acting as if they had a powerful glue stuck to the bottom of their shoes that immobilized them. Passers-by quickly got the message and responded with smiles, thumbs ups and high fives. Aside from these positive reactions, the campaign brought in an estimated $52, 297 in free media coverage and a 2,800% return on investment.