With Flush to Paradise, Henkel Shows How Easy Clean Can Be

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: flushtoparadise & brandingmagazine
The 'Flush to Paradise' ad for Henkel is a funny prankvertisement that set up an oasis amidst a public restroom, where there were actually people singing about the joys of having a clean toilet.

After entering a fake washroom, the isolated women were instructed to "flush before using" the toilet. Upon doing so, the walls and ceiling of the room moved away, revealing a lush garden of paradise, complete with incredibly handsome men of the Balls Dream Band who were actually singing about the properties of the toilet cleaner.

Although it's indisputable that it's good to have a clean toilet, this campaign from the Shackleton agency goes above and beyond making its point hit home and it does it quite well with a sense of humor too.