A Fake Shark Sighting Entices People to Visit the Vancouver Aquarium

 - May 31, 2013
References: vanaqua.org & ibelieveinadv
People casually strolling through Stanley Park in Vancouver were surprised to experience a shocking shark sighting right there in the middle of a scenic lake.

A grey fin sticking out of the water drew attention from the young and old alike as people stopped to stare at the frightening apparition that they never expected to see so close to home. Taking advantage of the motion of the tides, the Vancouver Aquarium created a sign that encourages people to visit ‘The Secret World of Sharks and Rays’ exhibit at low tide and captures their attention with a single fin sticking above the water line at high tide.

Causing a stir in the community with people reporting the predator and taking plenty of photographs, the shark sighting campaign got a lot of attention.