The ‘The Green Screen Prank’ Tricks Actors into Acting M

 - Jun 24, 2013
References: adsoftheworld
A campaign for True Fruits Smoothies called ‘The Green Screen Prank’ advertises the all natural drink by tricking actors. The commercial shows actors acting as if they think that they’re filming a CGI-based commercial. However, instead of actually overlaying them with computer graphics, the commercials show the clueless thespians in their unedited form. The ad ends with the tagline "100% fruity, 0% artificial."

The raw footage combined with the director’s great commentary makes this campaign extremely hilarious. Actors are seen acting as if they think they are centaurs, mermaids and surfing raspberries. While the actors pretend that they are mythical creatures, the director gives live instructions that are excessively descriptive and fruity.

The Green Screen Prank was developed by ad agency BBDO. True Fruit Smoothies commissioned the ad agency to target the German market.