The Creative 'IKEA Slumber Party' Publicity Stunt

 - Jul 31, 2012
References: ikea & laughingsquid
In what is perhaps the most adorable flash mob ever, the 'IKEA Slumber Party' hit the IKEA in Emeryville, California, and those involved hopped into bed, pajama-clad, and read some bed time stories. As a great way to test out the furniture and a fun bonding experience, the hilarious flash mob completely took over the IKEA store. Occupying beds left, right and center, the group came as an organized group and hopped right in.

The IKEA staff from the video seemed pretty game. From personal experience in the store, they've been great about getting people to test out the furniture (unlike other stuffy furniture places). The crowd snuggled in for a hilarious prank. The description of the event (organized through Facebook) read: "At 7:00 PM we will climb into the beds in Ikea, Emeryville in our best sets of jammies. Hilarity, nap time, and possibly milk & cookies will ensue. Invite all your friends who look smashing in pajamas."