The ‘Best Bus Stop Ever’ Ad Surprised Commuters

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: facebook & mashable
In a brilliant little slice of marketing, mobile communications Qualcomm gave some transit riders some pretty awesome surprises at what has to be the best bus stop ever. In fact, ‘Best Bus Stop Ever’ is the title of its well-named campaign.

Each good-natured prank begins with a solo transit rider noticing an ad to check a website on their mobile device if they’re bored, in a hurry, or seen it all. Once each rider checks, a unique transportation alternative shows up to pick them up.

As awesome as it would be to get picked up in a Lamborghini, getting picked up by a dog sled without a snow flake in sight on a busy urban street is a story I’d be telling for the rest of my life. Qualcomm’s Best Bus Stop Ever is one heck of a sweet-natured prank ad campaign.