The New Dutch TNT Commerical Will Wreck Your Nerves

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: youtube & ibelieveinadv
The new TNT commercial dubbed "a dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day," features one of the most elaborate and dramatic pranks I’ve ever seen.

It’s a good thing that the prank is so dramatic because when your premium cable channel’s motto is "your daily dose of drama," you’d be better be able to back it up. TNT backs it up in extravagant fashion by placing a big red button in the middle of a busy square in the Netherlands with an ominous arrow directing passersby to "push to add drama." No sooner that the unsuspecting pedestrians push the button does all hell break loose with snipers taking out people with inordinate amounts of cash, soldiers dropping from the sky, witness protection vans kidnapping said pedestrians and all out explosions and firefights erupting all around.

The Dutch TNT commerical was put together by Duval Guillaume Modem, a Belgian advertising campaign.