What Looks Like a Hearing Test is Really a DTS Sound-Sponsored Prank

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: youtube & mashable
These new headphones from the sound experts at DTS sound so realistic that they're able to fool people into thinking they're being attacked by an invisible dog. Like most pranks, the funniest ones are the ones where somebody ends up fearing for their life just before they realize they've been had.

The setup for the invisible dog prank is pretty straightforward and simple. The suckers -- I mean subjects -- are placed in a room under the guise of a hearing test. The subjects are given a bunch of tones running from left to right, high to low, until they're startled by the sound of an angry dog coming right behind them. The DTS headphones are so realistic-sounding that every subject jumps up and looks behind them, only to see a merry prankster petting a big, fluffy cat named Purrfect.

That's one way to market your headphones!