Fake REACHEMOL Advertisements Claim That a Miracle Drug Can Make You Popular

 - Mar 27, 2011
References: reachemol & thehangline
The featured REACHEMOL advertisements were placed on billboards across the U.S. They claim that REACHEMOL is an amazing new drug that helps you gain popularity. When people who see the REACHEMOL advertisements get curious and log onto the website, however, they soon find out that this new miracle drug is a nonexistent hoax.

The message behind the REACHEMOL advertisements is that billboards are an extremely powerful tool in the advertising industry. The REACHEMOL website sends out a strong message about the reality of advertising and does it in an extremely effective and hilarious way. When you first reach the site you will find more "information" about the fake drug, such as the laugh-out-loud common side effects including narcissism, Justin Bieber and "blindness associated with paparazzi attacks."