The Volkswagen 'Feeling Carefree' Ad Uses A-Ha for Inspiration

If you were a fan of A-Ha in the 1980s, you’ll appreciate the Volkswagen Feeling Carefree commercial.

The music video for ‘Take on Me’ is an extremely fun video, as it’s shot like a black and white comic book. The opening is of a racer determined to cross the finish line. As the video continues it shifts to a real life woman bored in a diner until the dreamy man in the comic book comes to life and whisks her away for an adventure.

The Volkswagen ad begins exactly like this, however some elements have changed to embody the car. First, the winner of the race is driving a Volkswagen. Second, the end of the ad hilariously reveals that the comics were drawn by a man who was singing in an important work meeting. After the meeting the man walks to his Volkswagen.

This Feeling Carefree commercial wants to portray to viewers that people who drive a Volkswagen don’t take life seriously yet they always win.