The Marks and Spencer Advert is Stunning and Playful

The Marks and Spencer advert gets consumers ready for the holiday season. To promote their 'Believe in Magic and Sparkle' collection, the brand decided to create a fun and youthful commercial to grab people's attention.

The creative and playful ad features the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley playing a variety of characters from classic fairytales. She starts as playing Alice from Alice in Wonderland and when she falls down a sewer she ends up at a table that resembles the tea party. While some of the items on the table read, "eat me" and "drink me," the table also holds products from Marks and Spencer as there is a purse that reads "love me" which she takes, much to the talented Helena Bonham Carter's dismay.

The scene then changes to her playing Jasmine; her outfit changes to sultry lingerie and she is flying on a magic carpet with David Gandy. Finally, the stunning model plays Dorothy. She is wearing beautiful red pumps which get her back to the modern world.

In all the scenes of the Marks and Spencer advert, the characters are wearing items from the collection.