K-Y Jelly Promotes Lube with Suggestive Mechanical Romance References

 - Jun 8, 2013
References: k-y & ibelieveinadv
The latest K-Y Jelly ad campaign tells people to "lube your love machine," using tongue-in-cheek humor to promote the brand's famous lubricating jelly.

Two different adverts were released, both showing very literal interpretations of love machines, one being a complex screwing machine with a screwdriver attached to the end of it and the other being an intense nailing machine with a hand holding onto a hammer. These playful references to the human body as a love-making mechanism play along well with the suggestion to add some grease to make the whole thing run more efficiently.

Demonstrating how we should all be oiling up our love machines the K-Y Jelly screwing and nailing campaign is perfection.