The ibis Hotels Ad Stars Unbearably Cute and Cuddly Creatures

 - Jun 6, 2013
References: ibis & adweek
The latest ibis Hotels ad cleverly employs adorable little bunny rabbits to attract viewers. The commercial begins with one tiny black and white bunny poking its large-eared head into an ibis hotel room, as if exploring. More bunnies arrive and they all snuggle together on an exceptionally comfortable-looking bed.

One of the commercial's best shots depicts a bunny caught in the sleeve of a silk nightgown left on the bed by some careless guest. The bunny finds the opening and squeezes its head through the hole while looking at the camera with an adorably confused expression.

Bunnies and other cute furry pets are known for their cuddliness. By using them in a commercial to demonstrate the extreme comfort level provided by the hotel, ibis has successfully grabbed animal fans' attention. If the beds in ibis hotels are as cuddle-worthy as a group of fluffy bunnies then it definitely has a successful business on its hands.