This App Helps You Count Down to Supermoons and Other Lunar Events

Supermoon is an app, developed by Piet Jonas, that helps you count down to supermoon events so you don't miss them.

A supermoon is essentially a new moon or full moon which occurs when the moon is at 90% or greater of its perigee, or the mean closest approach to the earth.

You don't have to understand astronomy to appreciate the beauty of a supermoon however, as we found out on Supermoon Sunday. During a supermoon event, the moon's lunar disk appears bigger and brighter than usual, making for a gorgeous spectacle in the dark sky.

If you miss a supermoon event, you can view it on the app for 12 hours after. However, downloading the app will ensure that you don't miss future supermoons, super full moons or super new moons in the future. In addition to counting down to these eye-catching lunar spectacles, you can add future events to your calendar and share the dates via social media.