From Chic Waterproof Menswear to Feline-Inspired Rain Gear

 - Jul 24, 2013
Even during the summer months, it's inevitable that we'll get a couple of rain storms -- that's where rain jackets come in handy. Owning a stylish, light and waterproof coat that you can throw on when it begins to rain is a lifesaver for staying dry during a wet day.

Rain jackets have come a long way since the traditional yellow rubber coats our parents once wore. These days, fashion stores are making a point to create stylish rain jackets that are functional, durable and trendy. The result is chic coats made from lightweight, waterproof materials and they come in a selection of bright colors to combat the rainy day blues. From superhero-themed rain jackets to gamer approved rain gear, these rain coats are a lifesaver when the sky begins to pour.