From Gutter to Gown With ‘The Umbrella Project'

 - Aug 14, 2008
References: theeel & greenupgrader
Yes, this beautiful boned bodice topped black dress has been made of umbrellas, about 20 to be exact. Design students Feyeel and Anadamayi from Berkeley, California say they collected the discarded brelies themselves, in the gutters of New York and Berkley to created this gown.

The designers say, "The goal behind the Umbrella Project is, as you might guess, to reuse the umbrellas that people casually toss aside when they (the umbrellas) fail structurally." Their next project is an ‘umbrella skin’ raincoat.

I love the way they integrated the snap straps as a fringy sort of detail. Can you image what they could do with patterned umbrella skins? I’ll be waiting.