The Weekend Al Lago Editorial Features Swampy Naturalistic Fashion

The latest editorial for A Anna Magazine, titled 'Weekend Al Lago,' features a niche family of naturalistic fashion: fisherman-inspired styles. Modeled by the striking Kriss Evtikhievea, the ensembles featured throughout the editorial were clearly inspired by the raincoat and galoshes combinations commonly worn by fishermen.

The most interesting aspect of the editorial is Evtikhievea's attitude while modelling. Instead of posing while wearing the ensembles in relaxed, fisherman-like postures, she poses as herself, a haute-couture model. This provides an interesting contrast between the organic ensembles and the high-fashion modelling, proving that even fishermen can make it to the catwalk.

With this editorial, A Anna Magazine has demonstrated that with the right amount of creativity and energy, high fashion can come from the most unlikely of places.