The Kisai Intoxicated Tells You the Time and Your BAC

 - Jun 20, 2013
References: tokyoflash
The Kisai Intoxicated is a watch designed to both entertain drunks and keep them cautious with regard to driving. The latest Tokyoflash creation features a built-in breathalyzer that lets you instantly see how inebriated you are. The watch's screen changes color depending on your BAC; your actual blood alcohol content is also shown. Green means you're good, yellow is buzzing and red means you're probably drunk.

In addition to showing your BAC, the Kisai Intoxicated also features a sobriety game, which tasks you with stopping a moving line in the center of the watch. The actual time and date are shown in the large portion of the face and are thankfully easy to read. The Kisai Intoxicated was a submission to the Tokyoflash design blog and is available to purchase now.