The Clink! Roll and Rocks Glass Monitors Sobriety or Lack Thereof

 - Jul 17, 2012
References: fredandfriends & gizmodo
The Clink! Roll and Rocks Glass may not be as precise as an officer initiated breathalyzer test, but it certainly does allow drinkers to monitor themselves in private.

These handheld tumblers feature a small maze game with two black marbles. As alcoholic mixtures continue to be sipped, accuracy and hand eye coordination will likely decline, leading to Roll and Rocks failure.

Although this miniature labyrinth can be flawed as far as accuracy goes (especially where uncoordinated individuals are concerned), they nonetheless support a culture of responsible drinking and at base, sobriety. Failure to meet the Clink! Roll and Rocks Glass challenge indicates that one is no longer in control of his/her motor skills, consequently eliminating the option of driving and virtually any activity that may be be life threatening.