From Earphone-Splitting Caps to Mini Phone Fans

 - Jun 16, 2013
Manufacturers and designers alike have been getting creative with phone-plugging accessories, utilizing a smartphone's charging cable port or earphone jack to serve another purpose. Many decorative phone plugs are available on the market, which solely serve the purposes of looking good and maybe protecting dust or water from entering the audio jack. But there are other multi-purpose phone-plugging accessories that do more than just that.

A multi-functional accessory is the Smart Dot stylus and laser pointer. This cylindrical pointer stays put in the iPhone audio jack. It allows you to wave around your phone during presentations, pointing laser beams.

The Keyprop Smartphone Stand is a small keychain that plugs into a phone's earphone port to serve as a phone stand. Using a pair of perpendicular protrusions that are spaced apart, the Keyprop plugs into earphone jacks while securing the phone in between.