Bring Back Memories of the Flip Phone with These Phone Antennas

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: kbme2 & kbme2
You probably can’t remember the last time you saw cell phone antennas. With smart phones promising perfect signal and getting simpler in design, phone antennas are no longer necessary. But this antenna earphone cap by KBme2 brings back the old-school look—in the form of a removable earphone jack plug. Though it won’t help your phone in any way to gain better reception, the phone plug is a fun accessory for those who miss flip phones of the late 90s.

We see souped up retro styles in fashion, the auto industry and now in tech. This plug-in antenna makes a very subtle yet adorable statement piece. Sadly, this accessory will not work if you have an iPhone 5 or any other phone with the earphone plug port located at the bottom.