Icy Series and Buddy Rooty Phone Covers are Adorably Natural

 - Nov 3, 2012
References: yankodesign
Designer Cho Yeong Jae has created the Icy Series and Buddy Rooty phone covers for the Galaxy S III.

These cases let your phone dress up in a nature theme. The Icy Series design comes in white and ice blue with a faceted design to make your phone look like an iceberg. This cover features tiny icicles that hang down the front of your phone, as well as a little penguin or baby seal that plugs into the earphone jack. The Buddy Rooty is smartly named, as the case has a root-like pattern to it and a little budding plant for the earphone jack.

As they cushion your phone from scratches and dings, the Icy Series and Buddy Rooty phone covers remind users to take care of the planet as well.