The Keyprop Smartphone Stand is a Portable Support for Your Handset

 - May 9, 2013
References: kickstarter & likecool
There are all sorts of accessories available to enhance the experience of cellphone use, but a significant number of these would likely never leave your desk. The Keyprop Smartphone Stand has been designed to be incredibly portable, so much so that it fits nicely on your key chain.

Launched by Integral Design of Palo Alto, the product matches the size of the majority of lock openers. It mimics the iconic shape as well with a broad, pinchable head and a hole for a key ring, plus a grooved shaft of the usual length. Instead of having a serrated edge, the Keyprop Smartphone Stand has a pair of perpendicular protrusions. One can be inserted into the headphone jack of your iPhone or Android device, while the other one acts as a stopper to secure it on an angle.