These Luchador Plugs Turn Your Phone into a Playful Masked Character

 - Sep 24, 2012
References: strapya-world & technabob
While the ear jack of your iPhone or other smartphone device is not being used, why not put Luchador Plugs to good use? The plugs allow you to fit the comical heads of Mexican wrestlers where your earphones would go for entertainment purposes.

The masked wrestler heads turn your cell into a figurative body. They are able to be turned and manipulated so it seems as if they are scanning the crowd while you tickle their stomachs, punching in keys to send a text or check your social media pages. What is great about the Luchador Plugs is if you are someone who is constantly concerned about the dirt that might be getting into the crevices of your personal device, the plugs cover your earphone jack. This insures that dust will not be able to hinder your music listening experience.