Breathalyzer Watch Tells You How Hammered You Are

 - Jun 17, 2011
References: tokyoflash & dvice
So how do you know you're too drunk? Instead of relying on equally hammered friends and your booze-filled mind, be sure and accurate with the Breathalyzer Watch.

Tokyoflash Design Studio are the ones who designed the concept timepiece known as the Breathalyzer Watch. If you want to determine your level of drunkness, push the button to activate the 'Alcohol Test Function,' then blow into the dial on the right. Depending on your state, one of three colors will pop up to correspond to your alcohol level.

The Breathalyzer Watch is an interesting concept that may save a few lives and embarrassment in the process. Plus you'll be able to prove your friends wrong when they drunkenly yell "I'm not drunk!" as they drunkenly confess in the process of downing another shot of tequila.