- Aug 15, 2013
Having a wristwatch with you during the day is a practical way to keep you on schedule, but if you're looking to add a bit more flair into the process, then these quirky watch designs will definitely give you chuckle every time you look at it.

Watches are often types of accessories that lacks any type of visual or aesthetic design since most people often purchase them for their functional capabilities. These quirky watch designs however, are catering to a more playful and fun demographic of people who are interested in something more humorous and wacky to wear on their wrists. From eerie timepieces that feature images of grizzly bears and eyeballs to those that are shaped like animals and cartoon characters, these quirky watch designs will definitely provide a more entertaining way to tell the time.

From Googly-Eyed Timepieces to Feline-Faced Timepieces: