The Dedegumo Chair Watch Uses a Clock as a Cushion

 - Jul 24, 2011
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With this Dedegumo Chair Watch, you'll never have to worry about what time it is while you're sitting down. Actually, that's not entirely true, since this miniature seat is about the size of a standard pocket watch, but this quirky chair is still pretty innovative in that it uses the face of a watch as its cushion.

The Dedegumo Chair Watch is one in a long line of one-of-a-kind watches produced by Dedegumo. Each piece is handcrafted, meaning there are no two watches that are exactly alike.

Implications - Consumers prefer their products to be one of a kind because they believe this quality adds intrinsic value to the item. As such, corporations looking to raise the prices of their wares may accomplish that goal by limiting their supplies accordingly.