The Brakket LED Watch Displays Cryptic-Looking Symbols

 - Nov 19, 2012
References: tokyoflash & gadgetsmatrix
An unusual timepiece that will make your outfit more futuristic, the Brakket LED Watch only tells time to those who can decipher its symbols.

The face of the watch does not show whole numbers, it displays four sets of brackets that light up in different patterns that you must recognize in order to interpret what the time is. Taking the basic simplicity of a digital watch, the Brakket has removed the center line of each of these digits, displaying only the external elements of the numbers, making them appear obscured and cryptic. Sitting on your wrist, the watch appears to be a block of steel that can be lit up by the press of a button.

The Brakket LED Watch is an alien-styled accessory that will add intrigue to your attire.