Geosat 6 Drive Safe

 - Jun 13, 2008
References: nextbigtrends
Peugeot Automobili Italia together with AvMap, an Italian GPS equipment manufacturer, created the Geosat 6 Drive Safe because one of the most common causes of accidents on the road is still related to alcohol. Too many people who consume levels of alcohol that impair their judgment or vision still choose to get behind the wheel.

The Geosat 6 Drive Safe is a car device meant to address that with a breathalyzer. It analyzes the alcohol level of the driver and shows the blood alcohol concentration. If it is too high, the navigator will advise the driver not to drive.

The Geosat 6 also has a GPS navigation system to help drivers find their way on the road. The map can be viewed and be navigated using its 4.8 inch touchscreen. Not only that, the driver can make hand-free calls with its Bluetooth connection.

I am just wondering if drivers who are too proud and hard-headed will listen to what a small gadget instructs them to do...