From Personal Breathalyzers to iPhone Sobriety Checkers

 - Jul 25, 2009   Updated: May 27 2011
Not only is a DUI not fun at all, it's downright dangerous. Accordingly, this slideshow of gadgets promises to help you and your friends decide when it's time to put the keys away and call a taxi instead.

From iPhone sobriety checkers to personal breathalyzers and booze-detecting flashlights, there's no shortage of DUI-dodging gadgetry to keep your booze-loving friends busy (but not driving).

Implications - The dangers of alcohol have had many companies rethinking strategies to help party-goers and even law enforcement to check alcohol levels. With people letting loose on weekends, it becomes all the more important for safety to be enforced. Since there's pretty much an app for everything, the development of these programs from the tech industry can help consumers make the right decision for themselves and friends as a prevention from committing dangerous acts in a drunken stupor.