This Home Energy Management System Only Needs Your Smartphone

 - Nov 21, 2012
References: tado & mocoloco
With winter ahead, we all want warm homes; now with the Tado Home Energy Management System you can turn up the heat before even arrive with one touch on your smartphone.

Energy isn't getting any cheaper and heating your home can be costly, but this tool is designed to make your home energy system smarter and more intuitive. The Tado wall unit has minimal controls and is without any temperature adjustment tools. The Tado Home Energy Management System, which is currently available for the European market only, is completely controlled by the synced smartphones.

Tado automatically senses when the last person leaves the house and adjusts the temperature accordingly to make your energy system more efficient. This system also learns the intricacies of your home such as how long it takes to cool down and how much heat the home receives from sunlight during the day.