This Mobile Charger by Arun Paul Offers a Playful Compactness

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: tuvie
Don't you miss those bygone days when your flip phone battery would last for a week? Consistent use of your smartphone now probably only gives you 48 hours at best. The Mobile Charger by Arun Paul solves a problem that many of us face: the need to tote your adapter around in your pocket or purse most days.

Nobody appreciates the troublesome tangle that usually results from this exercise, so this design incorporates a coiling cord that retracts into its small cylindrical case. All that protrudes from the black plastic is the pin that connects to your handset. Even the plug prongs fold in flat against the gadget to make the thing protuberance-free and ideal for carrying in anything alongside your other effects. The Mobile Charger by Arun Paul also has a power-off feature that tells you when your cell is fully juiced.