From Relaunching 1970s Eyewear to Recreating Iconic Portraits

 - Dec 4, 2012
Yoko Ono influences are everywhere and the latest contribution to society is her risque concept men’s collection for Opening Ceremony.

Yoko Ono is famous for being John Lennon’s wife, but also because she is an artist who pushes the boundaries of normal. She is known for being a wacky and outlandishly dressed icon. She has created fashion lines, as well as been the source of inspiration for designers. In addition, she has been a contributor to many philanthropic efforts and art installations. Her enigmatic persona makes her a captivating figure and she stands up for what she believes in. Yoko may have a bad reputation for supposedly breaking up The Beatles, but her work and appeal speaks for itself.

Yoko influences will continue to occur as she perpetually creates and shocks the world.