Sue Kreitzman's St. Pancras Church Crypt Show is Contentious

 - Oct 18, 2012
References: suekreitzman & wgsn.tumblr
Sue Kreitzman's 'Wild Old Women' (WOW) exhibit has made its debut at the St. Pancras Church. The London-based artist has made it her mission to push boundaries, bringing avant-garde designs to the coveted holy space.

The WOW project showcases ornate dolls dressed in jewels and bizarre apparel. Unruly cosmetics mark their faces, giving way to possessed if not distorted looks. Photographs, jewelry and an assortment of accessories are also present in the display with plated necklaces, gilded clutches and gem-laden headbands.

Signs that read 'Yoko Ono' and 'Now You Know How Joan Of Arc Felt' are further scattered throughout this WOW scene. Provocation is clearly central to Kreitzman's vision, invoking swift responses from the St. Pancras Church community.