This Hocus Pocus and Sex and in the City Mash-Up is a Classic

 - Oct 22, 2013
References: crushable & refinery29
To celebrate the upcoming Halloween season, Sex and the City fan Meg Mahone created a Sex and the City Mashup video for Crushable. The other half of the mash up? Halloween classic Hocus Pocus, also starring the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker. Ironically, the actress plays boy-crazy in both roles, although only one of them has the ability to use witchcraft for romance (although could you imagine a Carrie Bradshaw with powers? Unstoppable).

Mahone puts footage from the 90s film to the unmistakable jazz tune that indicates an episode of Sex and the City is about to play on your screen. The end result is a brand-new show, entitled 'Hocus Pocus in the City,' brought to you by "the virgin that lit the black candle" who revived the Sanderson sisters from 300 years of purgatory.

Revisit your favorite show and movie in one go with this delightful mashup.