Syaiful A. Rachman Makes Pop Art Portraits Out of Chaotic Crowds

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: odetoart & lostateminor
Syaiful A. Rachman's clever pop art portraits use something in addition to celebrities as inspiration for their creation: crowds. In creating his fabulous portraits, Rachman draws thousands upon thousands of tiny little people. By combining all of these miniature bystanders, Rachman manages to create hyper-realistic portraits of iconic faces, from Michael Jackson to Spider Man.

Rachman's portraits bring into sharp focus the idea that millions of people contribute to the celebrity of pop culture icons. These crowds of people are Rachman's way of showing that tiny little pieces make up the big picture. Without her fans and devotees, Angelina Jolie would not be the symbol she is today. Without their screaming fans and die-hard groupies, The Beatles would not have achieved the status of most successful rock group in the history of rock and roll.

These portraits are interesting ways of viewing pop culture and the celebrity obsession prevalent in modern society while remaining vibrant and fun. These portraits are some of the most intriguing works of pop art in recent years, and will hopefully preserve these iconic celebrities for decades to come.