- May 21, 2015
These quirky coloring books prove that coloring isn't just a childhood pastime anymore. Themed activity books have quickly become a perfect hobby for young and the old alike because they provide a simple outlet for creativity and imagination without the need for expensive art supplies.

Adults eager to embrace their artistic side are likely to enjoy paying tribute to their favorite pop diva, hunky celeb or even presidential candidates with a number of pop culture-themed coloring books. For music lovers, there are also coloring books for every genre, from rock and roll to gangster rap. However, if you're interested in a more refined way of putting pen to paper, look no further than a stylish wooden block coloring book or a sophisticated coloring book based on classic artwork.

With their fun illustrations and novel themes, these quirky coloring books provide a cheap and entertaining way to let your imagination run wild.

From Hunky Celeb Coloring Books to Gangsta Rap Coloring Books: