This Sam Tomlins Justin Bieber Art is Eerily Endearing

This Sam Tomlins Justin Bieber art takes fandom to a whole new level with ironic and eccentric paintings of the popstar. The Leeds-based illustrator, known for his direct and bold pieces, created a series of paintings that pay tribute to the pop music boy wonder, with phrases like, "JB—You are the sheriff of my town," and "Justin Bieber, #1 place, well done! You deserve it!" The pieces are playful and extremely entertaining, and the tongue-in-cheek commentary perfectly walks the fine line between irony and honesty. My favorite piece shows Bieber painted with the Canadian flag, with the words "Canadian Prince" above him.

Fans of the young superstar (and those less inclined to break it down to his music) will love the Sam Tomlins Justin Bieber art. The clever illustrator has put a hilarious spin on the traditional celebrity shrine, commenting on North American popstar obsessions in a smart and quirky way.