'Pop Culture Cash' by James Charles Puts the Famous on Money

 - Apr 10, 2012
References: mymodernmet & whatthecool
Many people have dreamed of changing the dollar bill to have their own face on it and perhaps getting famous could do the trick; it seems to have done so in the 'Pop Culture Cash' series by James Charles. This series of photographs is entirely interesting as the famous people from Jimi Hendrix to Justin Bieber are featured in this set. What's amazing is that these dollar bills look insanely real, but couldn't be.

The coverage of pop culture icons is extensive, making this a thoroughly completed project as well. Even Ronald McDonald shows his face on a 20-dollar note with wrinkles and wispy hair to show his aging fame. My personal favorite is a bill featuring Van Gogh with his famous painting behind him. I would never spend that bill. Ever.