From Luxe Neon Wallets to Ball Catcher Wallets

 - Jul 25, 2014
These men's wallet designs truly embody a simple, clean and dapper aesthetic that is ideal for the modern man on-the-go. Each of these wallets were designed with functionality as well as luxury style in mind.

Today many men are paying attention to fashion and, more specifically, their accessories. Wallets are fun because men can easily dress up or down an outfit with a good quality billfold. The classic style for men is usually a leather wallet and many companies and fashion brands are redesigning the iconic leather billfold for the modern man to own. Wallets are becoming aesthetically thinner and sleeker so that they don't bulge out of a man's pant pocket. This way men can carry around all their monetary necessities without having to feel the weight of a bulky wallet in their trousers.