The Simple Wallet 2.0 Is The Smartest, Sleekest and Simplest Wallet

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: wasabimountain & kickstarter
For those who own a wallet that could be mistaken for a massive steak sandwich, take note of the Simple Wallet 2.0. This appears to be one of the simplest, wallets on the market -- while not sacrificing visual appeal.

The Simple Wallet 2.0 is constructed from premium Italian leather alongside high-quality elastic that will give a little -- but not enough to break. The tightly bound elements allow for all cards and bills to be tightly kept in the three compartments available. The designers claim there is no limit to how many cards you could carry (within reason -- do not attempt to fit 50 cards in this wallet). Besides cards, the wallet can easily hold a smartphone and keys, if need be. Its high quality materials are then customized in a variety of available of colors including blue and white pinstripes to Gucci-inspired colorways.

This incredibly simplistic wallet is the solution for those who like to carry several cards but who want to move away from the bulkiness of traditional wallets.