Shar Milne Crafts Realistic Celebrity Renderings Using Vector Graphics

 - Nov 23, 2011
References: chewedkandi.deviantart & dopeart.tumblr
I can't say that I'm a major fan of vector art, but Shar Milne sure does make it difficult for me not to like it. Using celebrities as muses, the UK-based artist is adept at replicating the famous faces of stars in the entertainment industry. How can I dislike anything celebrity related?

Those familiar with vector graphics will know that, often times, the blending of one color into the next is very abrupt since colored layers of shapes are piled upon each other to form a coherent image. It's this transparent overlapping look that can be off-putting at times, but that's simply not a problem with Shar Milne. In fact, Milne's blending is so seamless that these vector portraits may trick some viewers into thinking they were created using an airbrush.